About Us

Our founder, Donald J. Sutton, established a standard of uncompromising excellence. Under the leadership of second generation owners Douglas J. Sutton and Christine Blackburn are committed to continue and expand that tradition.  

At Mid-Northern Management, Inc. we have a solid track record of providing decent, safe, sanitary, energy efficient affordable housing to our Residents, while providing the targeted returns our owners have come to expect.

At Mid-Northern, Inc. we actively pursue acquisition and development opportunities across the Midwest. Our many decades of first-hand experience shape our strategic direction, expansion and project development. 

Management Team

Doug Sutton

Douglas Sutton - Currently the President of Mid-Northern, Inc., Doug has engineered major acquisitions including the purchase of the two Lincoln Towers elderly high-rises in Bloomington and Freeport, Illinois. Since 1991 Doug had been responsible for acquisitions, development, construction supervision and re-finance prior to assuming the role of President in 2001. Doug also holds the position of Vice President of Mid-Northern Management, Inc.

Contact us: 815.968.7777

Christine Blackburn

Christine Blackburn – Currently the President of Mid-Northern Management, Inc. Christine joined the firm in 1990 and by 1994 was fully responsible for the day to day operations and management of the corporate portfolio. Since assuming the Presidency of Mid-Northern Management, Inc., in 2001 Christine's primary focus has been Asset Management. Christine also holds the position of Vice-President of Mid-Northern, Inc.

Contact us: 815.968.7777


Mid-Northern Management, Inc.
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